Wealthy Mindset Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

If you read this page to the end and use the self-hypnosis download that you can find when you click the link below, you WILL develop a wealthy mindset that will improve your financial well-being.


… before you keep reading, I must acknowledge this:

some of the things you’ll read on this page will be hard to accept.

Look, there are so many people who tell you that if you haven’t succeeded yet, then it’s not your fault…

They say…

You have burned all your money and are completely broke?

It’s not your fault!

You are 60 pounds overweight?

It’s not your fault!

You don’t have the time to get this done?

Hey, yeah, it’s not your fault.

Well, they’re wrong.

wealthy mindset

They tell you it’s not your fault because that’s the most convenient thing to say!

And if you want to stop being a wannabe success, and start to become really successful, then you have to accept this:

it IS your fault if you’re not where you want to be.

Start taking responsibility.

Don’t blame yourself. You should LOVE yourself. But accept that you are responsible for where you are today.

Too many people still (secretly) have that idea of quick and easy riches. ‘All it takes is the right idea’, right?


To develop a true wealthy mindset, you must understand that success and building wealth is very much about attitude and discipline.

It’s true that hard work won’t make you rich.

Just as much has a pound of flour won’t make a cake.

Hard work is one of the factors that is needed to succeed.

But hard work doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it’s only a bad thing if you have a bad work ethic. And when you use the wealthy mindset hypnosis download, you can reprogram your work ethic.

But don’t listen to me, after all, I’m just “peanuts”.

Listen to the world’s richest man, Warren Buffett:

Buffett mentions that one of the most important things you need for success is emotional stability, and that this is far more important than a couple of extra IQ points or university degrees.

In another interview Buffett said:

“The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.”

Now you do need to have some knowledge to become wealthy, but more important than having a lot of knowledge is to be able to make good decisions based on the information that is available to you.

And that has a lot more to do with your state of mind and your emotional stability than it has to do with brilliance or high intelligence or deep expert knowledge.

This hypnosis download to develop a wealthy mindset can help you to get this important and vital mental perspective and emotional grounding to navigate the labyrinths of success and failure safely.

The best way to use these self hypnosis downloads is by listening to one session every single day, and the best time to do so is right before you go to sleep, since that is the time when the hypnotic suggestions for wealth building will make the deepest impression on your mind.

hypnosis downloadWealthy Mindset Hypnosis Download