Genius Hypnosis MP3

by Bob Walsh

If you plan on really accomplishing something in life, you will need to be not just smart – but you will need to be smarter than other people. There are plenty of pills out there that claim to “give you super brain powers!” but I’m very skeptical with these. However, there is a surefire way to make yourself smarter:

hypnosis downloadGenius Hypnosis MP3

Hypnotic suggestions and subliminal sounds can train your brain to be stronger and perform better academically, because it changes your beliefs about yourself and your intellectual ability and helps you to focus better.

A while ago I wrote about the Pygmalion Effect.

A quick recap:

What other people believe about you influences what you believe about yourself, and what you believe about yourself influences your academic performance.

Now, we can actually strip that down a bit, because what other people believe about you is basically just a way of installing certain beliefs in yourself.

The element that really enhances your academic performance is what you believe about yourself.

So if you agree with me so far, then this is the situation we find ourselves in:

  1. You want to be smarter.
  2. We know that what you believe about yourself influences how smart you are.

Now, if we had a way of changing the beliefs you hold about yourself, and more specifically about your intellectual capacities, wouldn’t that be the key to increasing your intelligence?

hypnosis downloadGenius Hypnosis MP3

Now let’s look at some of the subliminal and hypnotic suggestions which your subconscious mind will receive when you listen to the Genius Hypnosis MP3 download:

  • I have genius potential
  • I am developing to my ultimate intellectual potential
  • I am expanding my mind way beyond it’s current limit
  • I think with clarity and complete focus
  • My mind is always focused and sharp
  • I process information efficiently, accurately and fast
  • I love learning new things
  • I have a burning desire to learn
  • I have an intense motivation to enhance my mind
  • My intelligence increases every day

Now I’m not telling you that you just have to listen to this once and it’s all done.

It’s not like there is some hidden “switch on genius” button in your brain which will suddenly light up your brain.

That’s not how it works.

Being a genius takes work and practice.

And you should listen to this download repeatedly and just make it part of your “mental hygiene”.

Just the same way that you are taking care of your teeth by brushing them every day, you should also take care of your mental potential by attending it daily. At least if you want to have the best results you can get from it.

This is probably the fastest and most effective kind of brain-training there is. And you can literally do it while you fall asleep – just put your headphones on and listen to it in bed – that’s actually the best way to do it, because the changing states of consciousness when you drift from wakefulness into the realm of sleep is when your mind is the most receptive to the positive imprints of this audio session.

hypnosis downloadGenius Hypnosis MP3