Self Hypnosis Helped Me To Overcome Depression

by Bob Walsh

Here’s another guest post from Jason, one of my readers who recently engaged in an email conversation with me. I asked him to write down his experience about overcoming depression with hypnosis, and he graciously contributed this article:

One thing that I have realized in all my years as a manager is that there are any number of reasons that can result in depression and only a few ways through which a person can beat it. I know because I have not only seen it in others but also experienced it myself. Here, I present my story with the hope that it might help you as well.

I was fairly happy in my job as a manager at a local company before the recent economic downturn resulted in my life taking a turn for the worse. Yes folks, I was let off like thousands of other professionals in the country. I tried hard to get a new job but could not and slowly my family started suffering. Needless to say, I could not bear the fact that I was unable to do anything for my family and developed a particularly severe case of depression.

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Nothing would help me. I first tried talking to friends and family but got flat and simple replies such as “just cheer up” or “look on the bright side”. Some people were more scientific in nature and told me to use certain anti depressants and other types of medicines. But, when I researched them, I found out that these medicines can have side effects and can even result in some people getting addicted. I didn’t want to put my family through any more grief, so I went into therapy.

I could not sustain therapy for long because it was too expensive and my money started drying up. On top of this all, therapy is one of the slowest ways of countering depression and I did not have the luxury of spending a small fortune on it. Next, I turned to other ways of climbing out of depression such as self help books and even natural supplements. These things were the first success I had against my depression. But, the problem was that self help books and natural anti depression supplements can only take you so far before you start falling back into the abyss again.

Finally, my luck seemed to change and I was told by a newly moved in neighbor about using hypnosis against depression. He showed me lots of books and websites on using self hypnosis for depression. As is obvious, my instant reaction was to say no and question, “Can hypnosis cure depression?” But then I thought that there was nothing wrong in trying it and I started practicing self hypnosis on a daily basis. The initial results were good in that I started feeling relaxed even though the self hypnosis process made me feel awkward and weird. As there were decent results in the initial periods, I kept on going.

Within a week’s time, I could see tangible results and significant improvements. Even my wife and children wanted to spend some more time with me. I did some more research into self hypnosis for depression and found a self hypnosis script for greater effect. During the next few weeks, I consistently saw improvements and am now a happy man with a happy family and lots of friends. I enjoy my life like it’s supposed to be enjoyed now. If you have also been feeling depressed then I suggest that you give self hypnosis for depression a shot too.

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