Success & The Pygmalion Effect: What Others Think Of You Will Influence Your Level Of Success

by Bob Walsh

The Pygmalion effect:

elevated expectations promote greater achievement.

make your mind successful

This all started out with a 1965 study by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson about which you can learn more, but in a nutshell: teachers where made to believe that certain students (group A) will “bloom” within the next school year. This changed their expectations about the students and in turn how they performed academically.

But this Pygmalion effect is not just something you find with students in classrooms. You also find it with employees in companies, with children at home, with athletes on the field.

Pygmalion Effect

The good news is: you can not just influence other people to become more successful. You can also influence yourself to become more successful.

Because the person who has the biggest influence over yourself, who holds the greatest power, is you. And the things you say to yourself in your mind are so vital to success – or failure. They either keep you going when things get hard, or they make you give up. They give you the courage and strength you need, or they suck away your energy and fill your heart with fear.

And one of the best ways of doing that which I know if is the Success Factor Hypnosis Download pack.

Just keep this in mind:

The more successful you become, the more power you have to influence those people around you. Make sure that you use the power of the Pygmalion Effect to bring out the best in others and inspire them to strive for more :-)