How To Overcome SelfPity

by Bob Walsh

overcome self pity

Want to know how to overcome selfpity? Here you find some simple but practical – and most important – effective tips for overcoming selfpity.

If you often pity yourself, then this has probably already become a habitual way of thinking. And the more often you feel pity for yourself, the more good you become at pitying yourself – because it’s really like training a skill. Except that in this case, the skill that you’re developing is not a skill that you want: it’s just selfpity.

But this kind of victim mentality won’t give you the life you want – or deserve. So find out how to overcome selfpity:

Get Your Heart Pumping

One of the simplest, yet also quick was to get out of selfpity is to increase your heart rate. Now you don’t need some kind of fancy biofeedback device for that. All it takes is physical exercise. Get moving. Ideally you’ll have a regular exercise routine, but if that sounds like too much for you, just going for a jog or doing jumping jacks already helps.

Keep in mind though that regular exercise will bring you greater benefit, because it will also improve your hormonal well-being. For example, studies have shown that 30 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise will increase the number of endorphines fivefold.

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What’s more, once you have regularly exercised for several months, your body does a great thing: it becomes more sensitive to endorphins and the endorphines which your body produces stay to last longer in your blood. This is great, because endorphines make you feel happy and experience the joy of life – and simply wash out all your selfpity. And if you simply feel to lazy to exercise, try hypnosis to get motivation to exercise.

Be Grateful

This is another way of getting over selfpity. Count your blessings. Think about something that you feel grateful about. And if you don’t feel grateful right now, well, think about something that you could feel grateful for. Or maybe something that someone else could feel grateful for. For example, there are people who can’t read. You can read obviously. Can you imagine how grateful they would be if they could suddenly be reading? Or how about people who live in so much poverty they don’t have enough to eat – can you imagine how grateful a hungry person would be for the meal you’ve eaten today? You could also be jotting down things you’re grateful for in a community of positive people like over at gratitudelog.

Write Down Good Reasons

Write down good reasons why you want to overcome selfpity. After all it takes work and you gotta put in some effort to stop pitying yourself. So when you write down some good reasons that show how your life will be better once you overcame selfpity you’ll be more motivated to stay at it.

You might feel like a victim, but all this thinking – where is it getting you? Yes, sometimes it feels good to be pitied – even if the person pitying you is yourself. And I know it can be a safe refuge to kind of dwell in that pity. Maybe you often ask yourself:

Why Me?

But what good does it do you to think about that? Sometimes things just happen, and instead of asking yourself why this has happened to you, crying how unfair the world is, think how you can make the best out of the current situation and move on.

Make a promise to yourself: “I will not allow myself to wallow in selfpity.”

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You’ve now learned about several methods how to overcome selfpity. Now it’s your turn: which one will you start to use right now, today?