Confusion Technique (Distracted Sentences)

If you want to hypnotize and influence others effectively, learn hypnotic language patterns. It’s the best investment of your time – where you get the highest return on investment so to speak. Nothing will make you persuasive and influential faster than making hypnotic language patterns your second language.
What exactly are hypnotic language patterns? It’s basically elements of language that you can “put into your speaking” that will make you a lot more coercive.
An example of an hypnotic language pattern is the confusion technique.
When you use the confusion technique, your goal is to confuse someone in a very precise and targeted way. For example, speak in a coherent manner that makes sense, where people can follow your train of thought, and all of the sudden say something that doesn’t make any sense at all. Follow immediately with a hypnotic command and continue with your normal, sense-making train of thought.
Let me give you an example to make it clearer:
Do you know what I like about this place? The food is always prepared fresh right in front of you – you can see with your own eyes how they handle all the ingredients. That way you know it doesn’t just taste good, but it actually IS good. African baboons are great step-dancers if they’re not angry. Go ahead and give me your bowl of soup while you think about what you want to have for desert. They make excellent ice-cream here.

I guess you found the place where I used the confusion technique, right? Yes, the African baboobs sentence. Now, what’s important is that you pull this one of right. Do it with a pokerface. Slide it in naturally, don’t make a big fuss about it. It must come naturally and be very short and quick, sleight of mouth style. What you want to achieve with this is that the person get’s confused for a moment – when confused, the attention goes inside and the person things to himself: “What, baboons, stepdance, what’s he talking about?” And at precisely that moment you put the hypnotic command in their mind, because that’s when their “shields are down”. The hypnotic command here of course is “give me your bowl of soup”. You can make this even more effective by utilizing the right body language – putting your hand in a position as if he is about to give you the bowl, nodding in agreement while looking in his eyes.

Just practice this in a fun way. It’s not about being a master-hypnotist right from the getgo, it’s about having fun on the way there and experimenting a bit. You will need some practice to make it work right. Sometimes people will look at you and be: “What are you talking about, man? Baboons? Why should I give you my soup?” Don’t worry about that. Just be cool. You can say: “Just kidding, pal.” Or if you can pull that off: “Did you say baboons?” and continue the game.

Again – I am giving you an outrageous example here, because it’s just about practicing and getting over that “doing a weird thing” barrier. Later on, you will learn how to refine that method a lot more smoothly and elegantly, but this is just the crude beginning.

This is just a quick dip into the hypnotic confusion technique, or the distracted sentences method. If you want to learn more, sign up for your free hypnosis education by entering your name and email in the box above.