Quit Smoking Cigarettes With Brain Stimulation

It’s true that we think one of the best choices if you want to quit smoking cigarettes is to use hypnosis. But we’re always looking for other ways to help you give up that nasty habit.

And that’s why we found it really fascinating when we learned that researches from the Brain and Behavior Laboratory at the department of Human Sciences at Ben Gurion University and the Tel Aviv University have used deep brain stimulation to help smokers quit.

Deep brain stimulation is a fascinating (and pretty new) field of study on how to change brain functioning.

Participants basically just had to wear a special kind of helmet.

All of them where heavy smokers, which in this case meant they have been smoking at least 20 cigarettes daily for several years already.

Then for 3 weeks they had to wear this helmet every day for 15 minutes.

40% of the participants gave up smoking (although it is not clear for how long this effect will last).

Also, it should be noted that this is very early stage research, and it will take a long while before this kind of treatment can be considered safe and effective enough to be available as a treatment to quit smoking cigarettes.

In the meanwhile, you can use hypnosis to stop smoking.

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