“I Hypnotize Easily”

by Bob Walsh

Here’s an article by Janet, one of my readers – she experienced first hand how hypnosis can be used to solve crimes and has successfully used hypnosis for weightloss…

For a year I was the head of what would now be called a CSI unit in a mid-sized town in Texas. One day we had a rather strange situation. There had been an axe murder. Despite what you see in thrill kill shows, an axe murder is more often committed by a woman than by a man.

After the murder, the suspect took her children and the victim’s children to a swimming party, where she sat down beside the secretary. The secretary vaguely remembered seeing a cut on the woman’s toe, but couldn’t remember anything about it–which foot, which toe, how fresh it appeared. A hypnosis session was set up to try to help her remember these details. I was told to videotape the session.

There was a slight problem I didn’t think to mention to the detectives: I hypnotize very easily. The secretary was still wide awake when one of the detectives noticed that I was quietly folding up.

He snatched the video camera just in time to keep it from hitting the floor, and another detective took me out of the room and deposited me on a couch, where I peacefully snoozed while someone else did the videotaping. As I said, I hypnotize very easily.

As a child, I frequently tranced out just from looking at the reflection of the morning sun on the handle of the refrigerator. My mother finally decided I must be suffering from petit mal epilepsy. The doctor decided I was not, and explained to her what was obviously (to him) happening.

Next month I’m going to have weight control surgery. From the time I was ten until the time I had whooping cough at age nineteen which left me weighing 87, which with my bone structure is seriously underweight, I weighed 109. Only twice in my adult life since then have I taken weight off, and only once did I keep it off over a year. I went into the hospital for childbirth weighing 161 and left weighing 103. The baby was 9 # 14 oz, so I must have been holding a lot of water. The other time was after my first husband had left me.

I bought a weight control hypnosis tape that had a long side for night and a short side for morning. In short order, without consciously dieting at all, I dropped over 40 pounds. I kept it off until I had lost my job, lost my home, and moved in with my father. In November my father, my son, and my son’s roommate were ALL in the hospital at one time or another.

I was teaching early morning seminary, going to check on my father, driving forty-five miles each way to graduate school and teaching, returning to check on my father, etc. I was mainly eating in the hospital cafeteria. As I no longer had time to use my hypnosis tape, I lent it to my oldest daughter. It was stolen from her apartment, along with all her audio and video tapes. My father died on my older daughter’s birthday and was buried on my younger daughter’s birthday–December 8 and December 11. My brother physically kicked my son’s roommate out of the house, to my great relief. I was never able to find another copy of the tape. I had regained 20 pounds of the 40 I lost before I remarried in May. As I said, I hypnotize easily.

I have an whole album of hypnosis tapes I use in situations I think they will help. But I still haven’t found another good weight loss tape.

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