Self Confidence Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

self confidence hypnosis

Do you need a confidence boost? Do you sometimes get nervous around groups of people, social events or when you need to talk in front of strangers? Self confidence hypnosis can help you to be calm, remain relaxed and self assured, and make a confident and competent impression on others.

The problem when people suffer from low self-confidence is that it reinforces itself. If you display a lack of self-confidence, people will treat you as somebody who lacks competence and skills.

Oftentimes you will miss out on great opportunities, simply because in the right moment, you are not decisive enough. Maybe people who are less qualified for you will instead take advantage of the opportunity, simply because they have a high level of confidence.

Self-confidence is an important prerequisite for success, no matter what you want to do. Whether it is in your professional or private life – if you are not self-assured, people will often not take you serious.

Conventional Ways To Be Bolder

There are many ways to increase your self-confidence, and they all do help to a certain extent. For example, you can dress up (think of Donald Trumps power suit – it definitely makes an impression and indicates a higher social status).

Walking upright, showing off a couragous posture can also help to make a more assured impression on others. In fact, it will actually make you feel more confident, just because you emulate the physiology of confident people.

Standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself positively can also help. At first, you might feel a bit awkward doing so, but it can help.

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Confidence Hypnosis

However, hypnosis is a lot more effective to boost confidence, because it can directly implement the changes in your subconscious self-image. This is a lot more powerful, because it is your subconsciousness that creates the feeling of insecurity or security.

Every “conscious” effort to alter your self-esteem or confidence has to overcome many hurdles before it arrives at the core of your personality. Till that has happened, the message has been filtered down quiet a lot.

Using hypnosis, it’s a lot more direct. Have you ever spoken in a foreign language that you are not fluid in, and used a dictionary to look up words during the conversation? Yes, it is possible to communicate that way, but it is a lot harder to talk about things with any level of complexity.

Changing your self-confidence with or without hypnosis is almost like the difference between holding a conversation in your native tongue, or in a language that you just learned for your holiday trip.

Low self-confidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because when you are insecure, you will often struggle to come up with the right words, even if you know all the answers.

What would it be like to be confident?

Just imagine what life could be like if challenging situations would be easy, if you would keep your cool, remain calm and be totally relaxed and at ease.

Picture how other people would respectfully look at you, listen to your words attentively, and take you serious. You can focus on the content of  what it is you want to communicate, instead of having to worry about which words to chose, how you look and what others think of you.

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