Male Stamina

by Bob Walsh

Male stamina – if you have it, you’re probably proud of it, and if not… well, it does more than just have a negative effect on your sex life. It can start to reduce your self-confidence. Fortunately in most cases it’s more about what’s going on with your mind rather than what’s going on with your body – even though the “symptom” shows in a certain part of your body.

Enhance Male Stamina

As a man it is important that you feel you can fully satisfy your lover. And it’s important for your lover too. It is not just about your sex life, but also about your love life.

There are different kind of issues too:

  • some men ejaculate too early
  • some man don’t have hard erections
  • some men have difficulty “getting it up” in the first place

And oftentimes there is one common denominator for all of these: underlying stress.

This stress can be the kind of stress that most people think about when they hear the word stress. The stress of a busy schedule with too many things to do and not enough time.

But another kind of stress can also lead to lack of male stamina: if you’re worried or anxious about your sexual performance, that can easily turn into a form of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Enhance Male Stamina

The sexual response is a delicate mechanism – it is easily triggered, but also easily disturbed once your brain receives signals it interprets as a “threat”. From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes a lot of sense – if you were busy making love in the bushes and you heard a sounds that could possibly be a predator – like a sabletoothtiger – approaching your love nest, it was important that you would get into fight or flight mode as quickly as possible.

Of course, the risk that a lion will attack you during lovemaking is very remote now – but that “program” is still hardwired into our brains. Everything that’s stress or anxiety can reduce your male stamina.

Studies have shown that women – on average – take 13 minutes to reach climax during intercourse. If that seems like a short time to you, consider this: the average time for a man is just a couple of minutes. So if you want to “bring her there” it’s important that you can last long enough to fully satisfy her.

And if stress is a constant in your life and you’re always busy spinning your wheels, you might have noticed that your sex drive has been affected too. It’s not exactly like a “chore”, but sometimes men can get to a point where they have sex with their lover because they feel obligated to it, rather than actually want it. With hypnosis you can tap into that part of your brain that regulates your libido and turn it up a notch.

Enhance Male Stamina