Difficulty Swallowing & Anxiety

Do you often experience difficulty swallowing and anxiety? If your answer is yes, the following article will be able to help you feel comfortable and swallow easily again.

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The medical term for difficulty swallowing is dysphagia, and it is a lot more common than most people think. We usually take swallowing for granted and think of it as a very simple thing to do – but actually there are more than 50 pairs of muscles and nerves engaged every time you swallow. It is quite a complex and precise process.

Some people have difficulty swallowing because it is painful for them, but for others it isn’t painful. Sometimes it feels like some kind of lump is stuck in your throat, Especially if you feel anxious, it is a quite common phenomenon.

Oftentimes, a fear of choking also comes into play. Probably everyone has already at some point in their life eaten a bite that was too large and knows the very unpleasant sensation when something gets almost stuck in the throat and moves down to your stomach in a difficult manner – but for people with difficulty swallowing & anxiety this can be an experience that they have to endure every time they eat or drink.

Also, oftentimes an overactive gag reflex is involved. Your gag reflex is the body’s natural defense mechanism against choking, so it does serve a good function. However, what’s interesting is that around 30% of all healthy people do not even have a gag reflex, yet, they don’t choke and live just fine. So having a hypersensitive gag reflex is definitely a problem.

Even if you do not actually gag, but find it difficult to swallow, your gag reflex is often involved, because it can trigger the musculature involved in swallowing movements to tense up and thus make swallowing difficult.

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Swallowing problems can occur at any age, but are a more common occurrence in adults.

Even though it is a physiological experience – your mind pays an important role in this. Think about performers who can swallow sword blades in front of an audience – they have gained control of the musculature that is involved in swallowing and can overcome their gag reflex.

Now you probably do not want to swallow swords or any other large objects – but you just want to be able to enjoy eating and drinking again, without having to go through all these unpleasant sensations.

Your esophagus is about 1 inch in diameter and around 10 to 14 inches long. From a physical standpoint your body is totally capable of making swallowing easy and comfortable.

And you can do so with the help of your subconscious mind – which is mainly in charge of swallowing. Hypnotic suggestions can help you to retrain your gag reflex and make swallowing with natural ease possible again for you, so that you can enjoy drinking and eating again just the way you could before.

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