What’s A Hypnosis Induction?

A hypnosis induction is a way to “induce a hypnotic trance” in a person. Basically, it’s what you use to hypnotize a person.

There are many kind of hypnotic inductions, most of them verbal – but there are even non-verbal inductions like the Ericksonian hand-shake interrupt. However, mastering a hand-shake interrupt takes a lot of skill and sensory acuity. It looks easy, but part of what makes it so difficult to learn is that a lot of precision is required to become good at making it look so easy and natural.

The easiest way to start using a hypnosis induction is by using certain verbal inductions, and simply non-verbal pacing and leading techniques. For example, paying a person’s breath, by just talking to them in a very calm and relaxing way and telling them to relax, close their eyes, feel good, and things like that can already faciliate the beginnings of a hypnotic trance state in a person.

If you really want to become good at using hypnotic inductions, I highly suggest you try Igor Ledochovski’s Conversational Hypnosis Course.

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