On Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

Here’s an article by a woman that I met and that was interested in losing weight with hypnosis. Read her thoughts on the subject…

Obesity is one of the epidemics of our times. The increased of sedentary jobs and the lack of physical exercise is increasing the weight problems in many people. Cases of obesity are now more common than two centuries ago, and even with the efforts of physicians and nutritionist of educate people in healthy ways to eat, the cases of obesity are still going up, along with death caused by obesity complications, like heart problems, blood clots, and cancer.

This also represents an economical loss for the families of these people and for themselves, because this illness and its complications can incapacitate the patient. This is the kind of situation where food acts like a drug, and the person becomes addict to the food, but, this is a different addiction, because if someone is addict to drugs, he stops consuming it, but we, as human beings needs food to live.

In these kinds of situations the individual needs a behavior modification. Hypnosis have become very popular in the last couple of years, because it modifies behavioral tendencies. Hypnosis is an altered state of the mind where the unconscious part of our brain shows up.

With the help of hypnotherapist the patient can modify the behavior and views towards the consume of food.

The use of hypnosis can dig into the causes and mistakes that can triggers anxiety and depression states that can make the person lose control of the situation and refugees in the food. Research has been done during past years in the weight loss field via hypnosis. Results have shown some success but methodologies employed have been questionable, also it is very difficult to attribute the success of weight loss only to hypnosis due to normally these patients also follows a regime of diet and exercises.

Which is what many physicians said is the real cause of the success, the healthy diet and exercises. Hypnosis can help to manage stress and anxiety, and also finding out the causes about why the person feels that way, but a healthy diet and exercise has to be part of the treatment. Also it is important that the patient will ask for all the proper qualifications that the therapist can have.

Improperly hypnosis sessions can bring tragic consequences and psychological damaged to the subject under treatment. The danger of false memory implantations during hypnosis is very real, and it is one of the consequences of hypnosis sessions not well conducted. This can bring devastating consequences for someone that already may have self-esteem issues.

Even with the risks of the treatment with hypnosis, if we as patients takes proper care of ourselves, if we find a proper therapist, and we make sure of his/her expertise, we can have very nice results, and many long-term benefits. Obesity is an illness that affects everybody in this society, this is a non-invasive treatment that deserves to be explored, before take other more drastic measures, like by-pass surgery, or loss weight pills. All these methods have secondary effects to the human body.

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