Coping With Anxiety

Anxiety and fear are useful. In the days long before the car and I-pods, when there was danger that we sensed, the anxiety and fear kicked in the fight or flight syndrome that basically told our body to run or prepare for action. However, today many of the things we fear don’t have anything to do with physical harm but simply emotional harm.

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No matter how much you want to fight the IRS in battle, the letter regarding an audit is still just emotional stress. Traffic, crowds, schedules and even watching the news can set off anxiety but there’s no one to battle or run from and it leaves us simply trying to deal with our own anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety over specific phobias gets in the way of daily life. It might be a simple anxiety about heights that causes you to avoid bridges. In doing so, you have to drive extra miles to work or worse yet, choose a job that doesn’t involve crossing bridges.

The mere presence of anxiety is uncomfortable but when it starts to rule your life, it’s time to do something about the situation.

There are a number of ways to deal with anxiety. Hypnosis is one of those. Hypnosis for anxiety can help eliminate anxiety and make your life easier and more productive. While there are many ways to treat anxiety, an anxiety hypnosis treatment is one method that doesn’t alter the body chemistry or make you dependant on a prescription.

Often the anxiety comes from a specific incident. It doesn’t have to be a real incident. In fact, it often isn’t real but one the person imagined could happen. As time goes by, each time the individual is in a similar situation, they visualize the same thing potentially occurring.

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Maybe they believe they’ll fall off a tall building or crash their car into the girders of a bridge – it doesn’t have to be real, just something that has potential in their own mind. With each image that appears, the anxiety grows as time passes, and coping with anxiety gets more difficult.

In a way, these people hypnotize themselves either into believing something bad is lurking, in general or at a specific place or under specific circumstances. As the picture in their head grows stronger, they limit their movements and experiences by avoiding situations, places and experiences. Their own self-hypnosis triggers the fight or flight syndrome and in many instances, paralyzes them from acting rational.

Hypnosis for anxiety works similar to the reason many people have anxiety. You enter a relaxed state and instead of your usual vision of gloom and doom, you visualize a picture where everything goes right. In other words, you change the video you play in your head.

Anxiety hypnosis treatment gets to the core of the problem. Unlike pills that provide temporary calming, you can actually eliminate anxiety with hypnosis because it alters you pattern of thought and eliminates the actual cause.

While no one method of anxiety treatment works for every person, anxiety hypnosis works well for many without going through long hours of therapy or taking mind-dulling drugs. If you believe your life would be better if you just could rid yourself of your fears, hypnotherapy is probably the right way to help you coping with anxiety.

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