Scared of Rejection?

Are you scared of rejection and want to overcome this fear? Read more to understand the psychology of rejection, effective ways of handling it and what you can do to overcome it.

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The first step is to really be clear about what is going on inside of you. The fear of rejection often triggers intense emotional reactions, and these feelings can be so overwhelming that we fail to analyze what’s behind it.

Oftentimes, you’re scared of rejection because it would make you feel inadequate or unworthy. Every man, no matter what he has achieved in his life, has doubts about his own abilities, feels insecure about his worth in some areas of his life. And the same is true for women.

Now before we can even get rejected, we have to take a small leap of faith: we have to make some kind of offer or proposal to someone else. And if that other person doesn’t think that our proposal is good enough, it can be really tough on our self-esteem. Especially if what we offer is something as personal and intimate as our love.

But it’s not just romantic rejection, the same is true for professional rejection. If for example you work in sales, the one thing that you will probably experience most often is rejection. And if you want to be successful, you can not let that hold you back.

Rejection is an issue that we can face in all areas of our lives. With our lovers, with business associates, with our kids, with colleagues, with prospective employers, with friends, with family, and so on. But the nature of being afraid of rejection is always the same.

Click Here If You Feel Scared of Rejection

There are different ways to overcome this. You can do it the hard way, bootcamp style. You can force yourself to approach so many people with some kind of offer or proposal and just let them reject you again and again that you develop a thick skin. Psychologists call this method desensitization. This can work in many cases, but it’s also a very difficult way – quite honestly, a little more difficult and tiring than it needs to be.

Ultimately, your fear of rejection reaches deep down into your psyche. And it is often connected to very early and intense experiences of rejection, which happened during our childhood. Sometimes we may consciously remember these experiences, sometimes not. It’s not really that important whether we do or don’t.

However, what is important is that we can detach rejection from these intense emotions. These emotions come from a different area of our brain, which is called the amygdala. The amygdala is part of the limbic system, and it is a very rudimentary brain area that is important to our survival, because through the help of emotions like fear, or anger, it can provide us with energy that we need when we our lives are in danger.

But rejection isn’t really a threat to our lives. It’s not like we have to run away from a tiger, or fight an enemy in a battle to death. In order to deal with rejection most effectively, we should be able to remain calm and have a clear mind. With the help of hypnosis, you can overcome the intense feelings that make you so scared of rejection and be confident even if someone rejects you.

Click Here If You Feel Scared of Rejection