Hypnosis Works

by Bob Walsh

Many people still doubt whether hypnosis really exists, and if it really works. A lot still consider it humbug. And they are right: what many people think of when hearing the word “hypnosis” doesn’t exist.

So the problem is not that hypnosis doesn’t exist – the problem is that a false idea of what hypnosis actually is has spread more widely than a real understanding of hypnosis.

False ideas of hypnosis

Hypnosis is not a way to simply switch of another person’s own will. A hypnotic subject is not somebody who is mentally weak. Women are not more hypnotizable than men (gender is not an indicator of your hypnotic susceptibility). And a person that is hypnotized is not unconscious.

Now we’ve talked about what hypnosis is not. Time to look at what it actually is.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which a person is highly alert, focused and concentrated. It can be a very effective tool for psychologists and to change unwanted behaviours.

Robert London, MD, has been using hypnosis for many years as part of his daily practice now. In an article published on April 23, 2010, he wrote:

Hypnosis can help patients working on issues such as smoking cessation, weight control, nail biting, phobia mastery, insomnia, anxiety, including PTSD, poor sexual function, obsessive thinking, and stress-related problems that might be rooted in such physical problems as hypertension, headache, or chronic pain problems. Hypnosis can be an effective aid in treating these problems.

Hypnosis has been effectively used to treat many different conditions, not just the ones mentioned here. However, these are the more popular ones. One reason why hypnosis can be applied to such a wide range of problems is because it integrates your subconscious mind into the process of finding a solution.

Some people like to approach hypnosis from a general theoretical framework to gain a better understanding of it, and while I think that’s well and fine, it’s best to experience hypnosis firsthand, rather than just read about it.

In general, a person that is familiar with hypnosis can benefit in many ways from it. It’s a way of sharpening the mind and senses.

If you have never experienced hypnosis and are just curious, there is an easy way to experience hypnosis first hand: try it out yourself. A well-created general hypnotic relaxation induction is what I always recommend people. Of course you can visit a professional hypnotist for this purpose, but there are two detriments to that: 1. you will have to pay a lot more. And 2.  (and more important) you can’t be sure whether the hypnotist you’ll visit is a really skilled practitioner.

My suggestion is the “Ride in a Spaceship” hypnosis induction – it’s a fun way of tapping into the creative part of your brain, and it’s a very relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating AND FUN way to play with the most amazing tool we humans ever had: our own mind.

Instead of crushing on a couch and watching TV, a short hypnotic fantasy journey can help you to recharge your batteries much faster and in an entertaining way.

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