How To Stop Smoking Weed With Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

Want to know how to stop smoking weed? Hypnosis can help you to make it easier, but before we go into the “how to” part, we’ll first look at why you should bother to stop smoking weed and what possible withdrawal symptoms you might have to face.

Quit Weed With Hypnosis

Fortunately cannabis isn’t as addictive as many other psychoactive substances – but once you got the habit, it’s hard to shake it off, and that’s why a little help can give you better chances at succeeding.

Why Quit Smoking Weed?

Cannabis isn’t as bad as some people want to make it look – but it’s not as harmless as many potheads believe either. While there still is a very persistent myth that marijuana doesn’t affect your intelligence, a recent study has shown that smoking weed can actually lower your IQ  ((Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims, BBC, 28 August 2012)).

Another reason to quit smoking weed is that it can really damage your self-discipline and ambition. Yes, it can help you to relax and unwind, but it also robs you of your drive and motivation.

And then there are the effects it has on your social life: while it can be fun to get high with friends, this has hardly ever worked out in the long run. Many people develop an emotional numbness which isn’t helpful for building meaningful social relationships.

Stop Smoking Weed Self Hypnosis

People who consume cannabis regularly are also at a higher risk of developing mental health problems.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When you stop smoking weed there may be certain withdrawal symptoms you notice – apart from wanting to take another hit.

Many people suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems.

Also, just like someone who tries to stop smoking cigarettes, most people become more moody and irritable.

How To Stop Smoking Weed

It really depends on you whether you want to stop cold turkey, or gradually reduce your consumption. However, if you gradually reduce your consumption, make a fixed plan and stick to it. Otherwise you’ll risk getting lost in an “open loop” where you will forever say: yeah, I’m kind of gradually reducing it and just temporarily going back to my old amounts until it’s easier, a better time. The temptation to bullshit ourselves is great in a case like this.

Exercising can really help to get over the worst cravings and withstand temptations – especially if you have an exercise buddy and are motivated to exercise.

If you experience a lot of nervousness or find you have a short fuse, then stay away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks – they’ll just get you more wired up, which isn’t what you need when breaking up with Mary Jane.

Avoid potheads – even if they’re good friends. It’s really hard to refuse a joint or not take a hit from the bong when your friends are doing it. Even if your pot-smoking friends are supportive of your attempt to stop, it’s best to avoid them for a couple of weeks and instead surround yourself with straight people.

And self hypnosis can help you to experience similar effects without actually taking cannabis. One of the main reasons why many people smoke weed is because it helps them to relax and feel good about themselves – but you don’t actually need cannabis for that. An audio hypnosis session can help you to naturally train your mind for deep and pleasant states of relaxation that recharge you emotionally and mentally.

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