Improve Your Concentration

by Bob Walsh

Do you sometimes feel mentally distracted, are your thoughts jumping around like a grasshopper – when what you really want is to have a quiet, powerful, focused mind? Then it’s time to improve your concentration.

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Since literally thousands of years people have developed methods that can help us to sharpen our mental focus. When you are in this mental “flow” state, then not only will it help you to see things more clearly, find solutions to problems easier, but also to memorize facts and information a lot easier and better.

But increased concentration not only benefits you for mental work – it enhances your performance in pretty much any area of your life. Did you ever see professional basketball players on the field? It’s pure concentration what you see in their eyes. They don’t think about the groceries or last nights movie. Their mind is completely focused on the game.

In this article, we’re going to talk about methods that help you to replace random, uninvited thoughts crossing your mind with pure concentration.

Define Outcomes

Before you start working on a task that requires your concentration, define your outcome. What result do you want to achieve? So for example, if you have to read a 12-page document, before you start reading it, clearly define for yourself what the purpose of reading it is.

It could be something like this: “I’m reading this document so I can make a better informed decision on the Crown case.” It’s such a simple thing, but many people don’t do it. You’ll see that simply being consciously aware of the purpose of an action will help you to perform that action better.

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Shut Out Distractions

Concentration is a fragile state. So try to the best of your ability to protect your “focus time”. Put the phone on silent. Tell people that could interrupt you that you want to focus for the next 45 minutes. Switch of TV, radio and everything else that could distract you as best as possible.

Anchor Concentration

In NLP (neurolingustic programming) there is a technique that’s called anchoring. Basically it’s a kind of conditioning, and it can help you to go into a state of concentration faster. Find a place where you are always concentrated – the more often you are focused being in that place, the easier it will be in the future to “switch on” your focused mind and keep it focused.

However, it’s important that you leave this place when you are not concentrated, in order not to mix states. If that’s not possible, you can use other anchors, such as wearing certain clothing, or a certain kind of background music (quiet piano music is best, other kinds of music can be distracting).

Hypnotic Concentration

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness, where your mind is in peak concentration. What’s special about hypnotic concentration is that it’s relaxed, rather than tense concentration. That makes it a lot easier to stay focused. Simply taking a couple of minutes a day to listen to a hypnotic concentration induction will help you to better focus naturally.

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