Clifford Mee

by Bob Walsh

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The man who created the now legendary “Conversational Hypnosis Course” – who is he really?

He’s first a marketer and information publisher, and second a hypnotist. But being a marketer, he has studied the art of persuasion and influence more intensively than many hypnotherapists.

In fact, many conventional hypnotherapists look down upon Clifford’s methods and teachings. Those academically qualified practitioners of hypnotherapy want to see certificates and hours of training that he absolved, they want to know at which institutions he trained and what degrees he gained.

Clifford on the other hand simply doesn’t care about “the papers”. And I’m really with him on that. Because it’s one thing to study hypnosis from the books and in the workshops – but real world is a different place.

And as a marketer, when you make people buy things, that is where the real persuasion is. I know that many therapists look down on “salesmen” and “marketers” – but it’s a fact that it’s just as hard to convince somebody to spend their hard-earned money on a product or service as it is to convince somebody to stop smoking.

The world we’re all living in is not the ivory tower that the therapists who “go by the books” and who have the diplomas hanging on their walls would like it to be.

And I’m not bashing these people or saying they aren’t smart. Most of them are a lot smarter than me, and Clifford.

But “being smart” is just a potential – what really matters is what you do with your potentials and what results you achieve. And when it comes to results – Clifford Mee is undisputed.

Here you can see Clifford Mee talking about his conversational hypnosis course. It’s interesting when he talks about his numbers: he said they’ve sold several million dollars worth of this course already.

His first attempts at making money online date back more than 10 years – that’s 1997 on ebay. He was working as a marketing manager for a nightclub and a number of bars, and it took until 2003 that he quit his “real job” and switched to building his online-business full-time.

Back in the nightclub days (and nights) he studied human behaviour intensely and got involved with self-help, hypnosis, influence tactics and persuasion strategies.

He once said that as a marketing manager for nightclubs and bars, he discovered that his “social engineering” skills were extremely important, because the most important task for him was really to get into people’s social networks.

He later became a qualified Ericksonian Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner, but was soon disappointed with the level of teaching that you can find at those “public institutions”. He went looking north and south until he got to meet people who introduced him to the world of “Black-Ops Hypnosis”. This is a kind of hypnosis that doesn’t require a controlled environment and that can be – literally – dangerous, if unscrupulous people practice it. And that’s one of the reasons why Clifford decided to “break the silence” and make this knowledge publicly available.

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