Become A Genius

by Bob Walsh

become a geniusDo you want to become a genius? Well, honestly, some things hypnosis can not do. You can not just listen to a hypnosis MP3 and wake up brilliant. Becoming what most people call a genius takes not only a bright mind, but also a lot of hard, mental work. And if you are not willing to put in the effort, then there is no way to get there.

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But, hard work alone can’t get you to become a genius either. Because each and everyone of us has the potential to be a genius. Our brains aren’t that different in the end. And most of us operate on only a fraction of what our brains are capable of – somewhere around the five to ten percent range. Even if you are currently running at 15%, bringing it up to 30% would double your mental capabilities. And you would be way ahead of 95% of the world’s population.

So is there a way to unlock the hidden potential inside of you? To awaken that sleeping giant? To unleash that intellectual power?

Well, yes. Because what is holding most of us back is not that we don’t have enough brain cells, or that we’re too stupid. It’s that we don’t believe we can do it. And not believing we can do it actually causes us to not be able to do it.

Let me tell you a little story – a true story. I recently went to a circus with my nephew, and there was an elephant show too. And that reminded me of something I once read about those elephants. You see, they are bound by an iron chain that’s attached to a stake in the ground, so that they can not run away. But these huge elephants actually possess a lot more power than what is necessary to pull on that iron chain so strongly that it the stake would fall out and they’d be free. But you know why they don’t do it?

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Because they have learned that they can’t. When they were babies, they tried to pull on that chain with all their force – but an elephant baby doesn’t have even half the strength as a fully grown one. And the more they pulled, the more they hurt their legs, until they got painful wounds. Thus, as a baby, they learned that pulling on the iron chain will only cause them pain, and that they aren’t strong enough to do it. And that’s why they believe it even when they are powerful enough to actually do it.

And in a way – we all are like that. When we went to school, we were all taught how “stupid” we are. Our mental potential got limited, and we were put in a box.

Only if you believe that you are able to become a genius will you actually be able to do so. And that believe is something that doesn’t just fall down from the sky. You need to do something to get it. With subliminal hypnotic inductions, you can install that believe deep inside your subconscious mind and start to unleash your mental potential.

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