Hay Fever Treatment

by Bob Walsh

Are you looking for a natural hay fever treatment that actually works? If so, you should keep on reading.

This works only for a specific kind of allergic rhinitis that is a response to certain outdoor triggers, like plant pollen. It doesn’t work for other kinds of allergic rhinitis, so please understand that before you read on.

You probably already have a good basic knowledge about hay fever and it’s medical causes. One of the chemicals that your body releases when it gets in contact with the allergen are histamines, and they cause symptoms like itching, swelling, mucus, teary eyes and sneezing.

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It’s known that people who had parents with allergies have a higher likelihood than those who have parents that did not have allergies. Yet, at the same time every year we see more and more people developing allergies who never had a family history of allergies.

Before we look exactly at the natural hay fever treatment of choice, please take the time to consider these facts:

Studies have shown that physical exercise can have a strong impact on your overall level of health and the severity of your hay fever symptoms.

Another thing you can do is to get your hands on a home air purifier. This is especially valuable if you spend a lot of time indoors.

Also, there are studies that indicate strong links between the consumption of pasteurized milk and allergic rhinitis. So you might want to stop drinking milk products for a period of 90 days to see what results you get. Alternatively, if you have access to raw (unpasteurized) milk, you can drink that. I know it’s a very debated issue and I won’t go into the huge misinformation campaigns that have been launched, but if you do a quick Google search you can educate yourself quite a lot on this topic.

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Another thing that works to provide hay fever symptom relief is hot pepper nose spray. The main ingredient that makes this effective is capsaicin, which is derived from hot peppers. One reason for the effectiveness of these nose sprays is that capsaicin stimulates secretions that help to clear up mucus and fights inflammations.

But apart from all of these: you probably have already heart that allergies are overreactions from your own immune system to substances that actually are not harmful.

There are all kinds of theories why your immune system is doing that. The truth is: nobody knows.

And you can’t just “tell” your immune system to change its reaction. After all, you can not control it with your conscious will.

But – what if you could influence your subconscious mind? What if there was a way to tell your subconscious mind to stop overreacting to pollen? That’s why I recommend a natural hay fever treatment that makes use of subliminal suggestions. It helps you to prevent hay fever symptoms, and to recover faster from them if you have experienced them. To most people this seems outrageous – and unfortunately, most people will continue to battle their hay fever the same old ways that have proven to be not very helpful in the long run. Why? Well, just because that’s what everybody is doing. Why not try the thing that works for the people who actually experience considerable improvements?

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