Be More Objective

by Bob Walsh

Being able to set your own opinions, views, biases and preferences aside and view things as they are is a good skill to have. It does of course not mean that you must give up your own opinions, or that you have to become a slave of facts. It just means that you can make a conscious choice to go into “objective” mode when you want to do so and when you think it would be of advantage to you.

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There are many situations where subjectivity is a great thing, and the perfect modus operandi. However, there are others where subjectivity can lead you to make false decisions. Being able to make data-driven decisions is something that most people never take the time to master, and they are often affected by the wrong decisions they make that could have easily been avoided had they just taken a more objective stance.

Imagine for a moment a beautiful lake, with quite, clear water. You can see from the water to the ground, you can see fish swimming inside the water. If however the water is moving a lot, it will also carry a lot of sand and earth and other particles in it, and you will not be able to see the fish in the water. A clear mind can see things the way they are – an emotionally upset mind can’t see very far. And in fact, the more our emotions are involved, the more a part of our brain takes over that is called “amygdala” – this is the part of our brain that makes very few distinctions and sees things as either “good or bad”, “black or white”, etc. It is a good survival mechanism, but not a good way to navigate modern life.

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Fortunately, you can build up your objectivity with the right methods. One way is to simply train yourself to do so. For example, when it is about a political or moral discussion, you already have your position. Now, what you want to practice is to really listen to the other side. Listen to the arguments of the people who are of an opposing view and try to understand them. Make a conscious effort to see things through their eyes, so that you really get their perspective. This will enhance your mental flexibility and enable you to look at the same topic from different angles.

And finally, there is hypnosis. Hypnosis can really help you to take the steam out of your decision making and the way you view things. You can learn to set your emotions aside when you want to, and instead see things for what they really are. You get a firmer grasp on reality. And the more in sync the world as you view it – the world inside your head- is with the world outside your head, the better you will be able to navigate the waters of life.

We human beings have a tendency to become more emotional in times of pressure, when we are under stress. This is due to evolutional developments. It makes a lot more sense to get scared immediately when you see a sable tooth tiger and escape to safety, than to logically think through the whole thing, weigh the pros and cons of running away or trying to hide from the sable tooth tiger – if our early ancestors would have done that, there probably would not be that many of us left, and sable tooth tigers might rule the world now.

But in our modern day and age, what is required of us has changed. There are very few really life-threatening dangers that we have to confront on a day-to-day basis, and many more that require conscious, objective, rational thinking. And that is where hypnosis comes in – so that in the future, you can decide when you want to make an objective decision, and when you want to make a decision the way you normally do.

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