Fear Of Flying Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

Fear of flying hypnosis can help you to feel comfortable and save when being on an airplane or helicopter. It’s one of the most common phobias that people have, and it’s understandable:

fear of flying hypnosis

We’ve all seen movies of plane crashes. And just the thought of being so high in the sky in a small machine can be frightening. If there are turbulences, it can be really upsetting – being shaken around in a relatively small and fragile machine, tied in a seat 30000 feet above the ground without any control over the situation isn’t exactly what most people consider fun. And the thought that your life jacket has a whistle doesn’t help that much to exactly calm you either…

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But looking at it rationally, you’ll see that flying is actually a lot safer than driving in a car. Yet, few people feel that way. Plus – when it comes to fear, any logical argument won’t really help. It’s an emotion that won’t listen to facts, numbers, statistics. Fears are often irrational, and trying to get rid of the with logical arguments has never proven effective.

So what can you do to conquer your fear of flying?

Hypnosis has proven to be one of the most effective ways to overcome your fear of flying – if it’s done right!

It’s important that you get a high-quality hypnotic treatment against your fear of flying in order for it to work. Unfortunately, there are many hypnotists and hypnosis recordings that just do a bad job.

As a general rule of thumb, when you’re looking for any fear of flying hypnosis CD or MP3, then you should look if they offer any kind of guarantee. Some programs even give you 90 days to try out their program, and if you’re still afraid of flying, they give you your money back.

Obviously, if someone puts their money where their mouth is, that’s a lot more convincing than somebody who doesn’t have enough confidence in his own product to do so.

It’s also referred to as aviophobia hypnosis and can help if you experience certain sensations when you get on an airplane. These sensations may be described as muscle tension, heart palpitations, sweating, a feeling of being weak and dizzy, having difficulty to breath and chest pain.

For some people just the thought of getting on an airplane can already trigger these reactions.

no anxiety medication

Some people use anxiety medication to numb their flight fear, but we do not recommend that. These drugs can have serious side-effects and should never be taken without a qualified medical doctor’s prescription.

The world is a beautiful place, full of amazing people and adventurous and fun experiences waiting to happen. If you don’t get on an airplane, you’ll lose out on so much. And if you need to fly for professional purposes, aviophobia might even knock down your career chances.

So get over your flying phobia now and realize that it’s possible for you too to sit in an airplane and be completely relaxed, comfortable and at easy. Soon, your biggest problem when flying might be that you’re bored by the lack of entertainment :-)

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