Botox against itching?

A new study has revealed that Botox can help to reduce itching.

Now this isn’t really surprising, because basically Botox is a substance that reduces all sensations in the areas where it’s injected. (And as a side-note… one of the possible risks and side-effects of Botox injections can be severe and/or chronic itching, so beware).

But don’t you wonder why they’re passing this off as a “solution” to people who have a problem with itchiness?

Well, it’s an easy way to generate some extra income for “experts” who do Botox injections.

There are millions of people in the world who suffer from pruritus. And they’re willing to spend a lot of money on anything that could help to ease their itch.

But the thing is that there are already very effective, natural low-cost pruritus treatments available for people who suffer from persistent itchiness.

You can simply listen to a hypnosis download against itching to help your subconscious mind to ease the itch and stop the urge to scratch.

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