Afraid of Bees?

If you’re afraid of bees, you’re not alone. It’s probably one of the most common phobias in the world. I myself had a bee phobia when I was younger. (I used to really freak out when a bee was around).

But for many people, it’s a lifelong and paralyzing fear, and the only way these people think they can deal with it is by avoiding bees at all cost.

But you really don’t need to have an internal meltdown every time a bee crosses your path. In fact, some people even have a hard time just looking at photos of bees – and for some, just the thought of bees can make their adrenaline go through the roof!


Because it’s not the bee that’s making you scared – it’s something that you do inside your mind when you see a bee that triggers fear.

Things you can do to keep bees away

  • You can avoid using scented products, as bees are attracted to anything that smells floral – which includes shampoos, perfumes, lotions.
  • If you have a choice – go out during early morning or in the evening, because bees are most active during the daytime.
  • Use bee repellants. These often come in the form of sprays that beekeepers use when they want to harvest honey from a beehive, however, they are seldomly as effective as advertised.

But ultimately, the best way is to tackle the problem at it’s source: just stop being scared of bees!

Sure, that is easier said than done, but it’s not nearly as hard as most people think.

You can just listen to this hypnosis download to overcome your bee phobia, and you could use EFT (emotional freedom technique) or progressive desensitization.


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