Itchiness – How to Control It

If your skin itches, you probably wonder what you can do about it. (And the answer is here). Sure, the first instinct is to scratch it – but we all know that that’s not really helping. Yes, scratching provides temporary relief – but it also makes things worse in the long term. Not only will it make your itch come back with more intensity, but it can leave lasting scars on your skin. Not something particularly attractive…

One of the things you can do is to realize in your mind that you’re in charge. It’s not the itching sensation that’s in charge. Actually your body – that means YOU – is creating the itching sensation. It’s not as if an “itch” has somehow found it’s way from the air onto your skin – it’s your body, your nervous system, that’s making the itching sensation. And since that is the case, you can control it – even though you might just not have figured out how exactly to do it. But just realizing that there is a way to excert control over it can help you to easier cope with it.

Try saying these sentences to yourself:

Itching is a sensation. An itch doesn’t *really* exist in reality.

A stone is real. It’s something that you can see. Nobody has ever seen an itch.

A stone is real, and if you doubt it you can throw it against a window, and the window will break. Now try breaking a window with an itch…

A stone is real, because when you let it fall, it makes a noise. Nobody has ever heard an itch.

Thus, itching is not real. That doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the itch anymore – sometimes things that are not real can bother us too. But the thing about things that are not real is, that they can be get rid of a lot easier than real things. Because they don’t really exist in the first place.

You have control over your mind. And you have a lot of control over your body. You can decide to breathe in deeply, and then you just do it. You can decide to look up from the screen to see what’s around you – and then your eyes do it. You can decide to move your arms – and then your arms move the way you want to. All of that is happening because your mind is in charge of many functions of your body.

And we know that there are some bodily functions that can’t be as easily controlled. Like the speed of our heart beat, and so on. But we also know that there are many people who learned to control these functions. In fact, scientists agree that everybody can learn to consciously change the speed of their heart beat if they want to. It’s just a thing that you need to practice the right way.

With the help of your subconscious mind, you can learn to let go of the itch, and replace it with a much more relaxing and pleasant sensation.

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