Can Words Help To Overcome Grief?

The Colorado shootings are a tragedy, and it’s also a test to our spirits. President Barack Obama talked to the families of the Colorado shooting victims and expressed his condolences.

“I confessed to them that words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations, but that my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment, and will continue to think about them each and everyday [...]

It reminds you that even in the darkest of days, life continues and people are strong and people bounce back and people are resilient. Out of this darkness a brighter day is going to come.”

It’s true – words are inadequate in the face of this tragedy. But even in their inadequacy, they are necessary – because they are better than silence.

Coming from a heartfelt place, words can provide some form of comfort when things are the hardest.

Yes, their impact is seemingly tiny, almost so that you could think they’re irrelevant, when you put them in contrast to the intensity of the emotions one has to face when dealing with grief.

But even while in deep pain, we must keep our hopes, we must be able to move on, we must be able to find a way back to a life worth living.

Many people found that these hypnosis downloads to overcome grief can help them to better cope with the emotional pain.


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