Fybromalgia Pain Relief

Medication isn’t the best kind of fybromalgia pain relief – with hypnosis you can naturally lower the cortisol levels in your body and reduce the pain. You don’t even need to see a hypnotherapist – just listening to a hypnosis download on your computer, iPod, MP3-Player, on your phone or on CD repeatedly will easy the pain drastically.

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Fybromalgia is a painful condition that can make your life a drudge. It mostly affects women, and there aren’t any really effective treatments in conventional medicine, which can be really frustrating for those suffering from it. Many try massage therapy or herbs for fybromalgia, and these can in fact often help to better cope with the symptoms temporarily.

But for fybromalgia, as recent scientific findings revealed, the best medicine might be in your very own head.

There’s a strong link to feelings of fatigue, depression and sometimes anxiety in addition to the physical pain.

Research has shown that both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and operant behavioral therapy (OBT) can help to ease the pain, but they come with prohibitively high costs for most people: it’s just too expensive, and it takes too long.

That’s why researches looked at the effectiveness of hypnosis for fybromalgia pain relief.

Everytime when you read about “researches doing a study” it’s worth to double-check the validity. In this case, it were randomized controlled trials, which is the most widely accepted kind of study in the medical community, so the results are valid.

One study was carried out over the course of three months, with 40 participating patients. They repeatedly received hypnotic suggestions.

The results of the study? Less pain, better sleep, more energy and less fatigue. Another common symptom of people with fybromalgia is that their bodies feel stiff – the participants reported that this symptom also was reduced.

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Many people are still skeptical about hypnosis – oftentimes because they’ve seen something on TV about hypnosis or read in a book about it. ut hypnosis for entertainment is very different from medical hypnosis. It’s not some kind of manipulative mind control, but a means of using the power of your subconscious mind to help you live a healthier, happier life free of pain.

One of the reasons why hypnotic fybromalgia pain relief is so effective is because of the link between the pain and cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone produces when you experience stress. The more cortisol there’s in your bloodstream, the more your body aches.

One of the problems is that even if you usually have a relaxed life (which few people do), fybromalgia itself causes a lot of emotional and physical stress, which in turn makes it worse again.

The deep states of comfortable relaxation you experience when you listen to the hypnosis download for fybromalgia can help to reduce the levels of cortisol, reduce the stress, and thus also effectively lessen the pain.

Interwoven into the hypnotic suggestions are guided imagery exercises that will help you to better be able to manage the pain you experience in everyday life

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