Developing Perfect Pitch

by Bob Walsh

For a long time it was believed that you either “had” perfect pitch, or you hadn’t – as if this is something you’re born with, or a skill you must acquire early in life. But nowadays we know that being able to identify any musical note is a learnable skill at any age. Developing perfect pitch (also known as absolute pitch) isn’t easy, but it’s definitely something you can do if you set your mind to it and are willing to train your ear and your brain.

Develop Perfect Pitch With Hypnosis

Whether you want to develop perfect pitch because you play a musical instrument or simply to enhance your appreciation of music – there are certain steps you should do.

Learning perfect pitch with hypnosis is still learning – it will still require time and effort. But much less than if you try to learn without hypnosis. Think of hypnosis as an accelerator and simplifier: learnings happens faster and easier.

It’s best to have one instrument, or you can also use pure frequency tones which you can easily generate on your computer. You can generate pure sine wave sounds with the online tone generator (free).

Listen to a tone and let it sink in. Really focus in on how the tone sounds, how it feels, which visuals you associate with it (colors? shapes?). Ultimately you want to be able to develop a feel for each tone – and the more senses are involved, the better. So use synesthesia. You want each tone to have it’s own “character” and “personality”. This will make it easier for you to recognize them.

In the beginning start with just one town, and listen to it over and over again, trying to “get into it” as deep as you can.

I personally prefer to use a piano (or synthesizer) to practice, because the pure sine wave sounds aren’t particularly pleasant.

Practice Perfect Pitch With Hypnosis

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with one tone, play some other tones at random and get a feel for how they are related. And especially, listen for that same tone again – the key ability you want to train is to be able to identify an individual tone amongst other tones.

At some point you will probably come to doubt your own potential. You might fall back on that old thinking that absolute pitch is an inherent skill – remember, it is not. It’s true that some people are very lucky in a way that they are born and can identify individual notes accurately without training. But they are the exception. Most people need to train to get that ability – but with training, everybody (with a set of healthy ears) can master perfect pitch.

Develop Perfect Pitch With Hypnosis