Thumb Sucking In Adults

by Bob Walsh

Here is a guest article thumb sucking in adults – the author (who didn’t want his name published, for understandable reasons) overcame it with the help of hypnosis. I want to stress that the result he got isn’t a typical one – he visited a hypnotist and got cured in the first session. My suggestion is that you assume a different attitude: use hypnosis as a way to train your mind to stop thumb sucking. And here starts his hypnosis experience:

Stop Sucking Your Thumb

So I have this little problem of sucking my thumb. I know, I know, I’m 33 years old married with a kid and a good career but it’s just one of those security things that I just can’t seem to kick. Kind of like smoking I suppose.

It’s always so embarrassing whenever I try to find a secluded spot to indulge in my thumb sucking to be interrupted by a co-worker and me then trying to convince them that I had a paper cut or some food on my thumb. That only works so many times before the people in the office start talking about rumors of me being a thumb sucker still start going around and then the pictures start showing up tacked onto my cubicle.

There was one particularly embarrassing moment more for my wife then for me.

Typical people, on their way home from work, will sing at the top of their lungs to the radio or they might text on their phone or they might even pick their nose because the car is usually an extension of the home in most minds and people will do whatever. I was at a stop light enjoying a good thumb suck when up next to me pulls up the pastor’s wife. I didn’t realize who it was and she must have been staring at me for at least thirty seconds probably trying to figure out if I was actually doing what she was seeing.

Stop Sucking Your Thumb

I noticed her staring at me with her mouth open in horror as to the spectacle that was before her. I waved and smiled and thankfully the light turned green and I was able to drive off. My wife had had it at this point and I was getting a little fed up with it as well.

I had tried three step programs. I had tried sucking on a sucker instead hoping this would be an acceptable replacement for my thumb. None of these things seemed to work out for me.

My wife found out about a hypnotist through a friend of hers that had struggled for years with the thought of a monster being in her closet at night. She raved about how she had been cured in a half hour session with this hypnotist.

I figured I would give it a try, what did I have to lose? I arrived at the hypnotists and we got to work. In what seemed no more than a few moments I was cured. I now have an unexplainable urge to eat creamed corn whenever I want to suck on my thumb.

Stop Sucking Your Thumb