True Or False: Hypnosis Downloads Only Work When You Believe In Them?

by Bob Walsh

I have this little cafe where I like to hang out sometimes and kind of just follow a random train of thought. It’s nestled in a sidestreet of a busy main road, and there’s a little oasis of quiet and green. The perfect place to unplug and ground yourself in a busy city.

There’s a guy in his 30s, and I’ve seen him many times already. He’s a regular at that place, and usually he likes to read his newspaper there, at least that’s what I always see him doing.

ONLINE HYPNOSISWe’ve been greeting each other with a nod of the head for a couple of weeks, and this week we actually exchanged a few words and that turned into a conversation.

He was asking a lot of questions, and when I told him that I’m teaching hypnosis and doing self hypnosis downloads, he seemed kind of amused. “So, what kind of people do use these hypnosis downloads?” he asked.

I told him that basically people from all walks of life, both men and women of all ages use self hypnosis for different purposes. The most common ones are of course hypnosis to stop smoking and for weight loss, but there are even very obscure things most people would never think about – like fear of cats.

That got a smile out of him. He mentioned that he once read about people who are afraid of being watched by a duck. (That’s really a true phobia, it’s called anatidaephobia).

And then he said something that seems to be a very common belief among people: “But tell me, this audio hypnosis really only works for people who believe in it, doesn’t it?”

Now what’s your take on this question?

I know a lot of people think that hypnosis only works when you believe in it. Kind of like a placebo.

But self hypnosis downloads will work for you, even if you don’t believe in hypnosis, as long as you remain focused when listening to the hypnosis MP3.

You see, if you listen to a self hypnosis session while you’re browsing the web and listening to music, sure, it won’t work. If you’re distracted and mentally occupied with other things, it won’t work.

But if you actually listen to it with conscious attention, and follow the suggestions to the best of your ability (basic suggestions like take a deep breath, relax your muscles, etc) then self hypnosis downloads will work for you no matter whether you believe in them or not.

So the answer to our initial question is: false, hypnosis downloads work whether or not you believe in them, provided you pay attention to them. So even a skeptic who doesn’t believe in hypnosis can experience the benefits of hypnosis when he (or she) is open to the simply experiment with it and give it a try.

Just put your name and email in the field on top of this website (Hypnosis Secrets) and you’ll get an email with a free hypnosis download that you can listen to, if you want to know what hypnosis feels like.

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Janet May 6, 2013 at 12:29 pm

But don’t you think that hypnosis downloads work better if you believe in them?

Bob Walsh May 6, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Hi Janet,
sure, that’s the power of believe. But it’s not required or necessary that you believe it in. The effectiveness of hypnosis becomes enhanced by believing in it, but it doesn’t depend on belief.
Hypnotic regards,

Charlotte May 12, 2013 at 4:33 pm

I believe in hypnosis, and I’m glad that they’d even work if I didn’t ;-)

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