Hypnotize People Like Milton H. Erickson

by Bob Walsh

Want to know who the greatest hypnotist of our times was? Well, his name is Milton H. Erickson, and it is pretty much untouched in the world of hypnotism. He was able to put people into deep hypnotic trance states and then utilize these states to induce specific behavior or belief changes in people.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to hypnotize people like Milton H. Erickson?

But it took Erickson a lifetime to get as good as he was at hypnotizing others. So don’t expect this to be something you will master after watching a couple of YouTube video demonstrations, or reading a book about it.

Voice Mastery

There are many things that you need to pay attention to. One of the most important ones is actually the tone of your hypnotic voice. Even if you get all the words right, as long as you don’t say them with the right intonation and your voice doesn’t sound the way it should sound to be really hypnotic, you won’t be able to put people into relaxed states of mind which make working with hypnosis so much easier.

Language Patterns

Once you’ve learned how to sound, you also need to learn how to use language in a very different way from the way most people are using it. You need to use it in a much more specific way, and you need to really familiarize yourself with the hypnotic language patterns there are. The best way to do this is not to read about all of them, but to practice them one after another, in weekly succession. So in week one, you study language pattern 1, in week two, you study language pattern 2, and every day you practice to implement these language patterns into the things you say.

Milton H. Erickson was a true master at hypnotic language patterns, where he often embedded hypnotic suggestions several layers deep in his sentences, so people wouldn’t even realize what he told them. (Not because he wanted to do something sneaky or bad, but simply because it made it easier to help other people because there was no resistance from their conscious mind). It was Richard Bandler who really analyzed and systematized Erickson’s language patterns.

The Shortcut

If you don’t want to spend years learning hypnosis before you actually become good at it, you can always use scripts. I do suggest that you still learn the basics of hypnosis, and especially focus on voice work and intonation patterns. That way you will know how to read a hypnosis script to make it most effective. In fact, if you’re beginning I suggest you get both a script and an audio, and then you listen to the audio and then read the script in the exact same tone of voice like it’s done in the recording. This helps you to subconsciously absorb hypnotic language patterns and suggestions, so you’ll be able to hypnotize people like Milton H. Erickson did really fast.

The important thing though is to get your hypnosis scripts from a trusted source – because if you feed your mind with bad hypnosis scripts, you’re not going to learn hypnosis. So click here to find out the place I recommend for hypnosis scripts.

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