Ericksonian Hypnosis For Weight Loss

by Bob Walsh

If you’ve been trying all kinds of methods, diets, supplements and programs to lose weight, and you’re still struggling with those extra pounds, this might be the most important article you’ve read in a long time.

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You already know how hard permanent weight loss really is. You know the pains and hardships of trying to get in shape.

Usually it’s a pain to lose weight, but with hypnosis you will feel great.

Whenever I bring up Ericksonian hypnosis for weight loss, there’s invariably someone who says:

“I tried hypnosis, it didn’t work.” Or: “I have a friend who tried hypnosis, and she’s still fat.”

Well, saying that hypnosis doesn’t work is kind of like saying that screwdrivers don’t work.

There are many different kinds of hypnosis, and the results you will get will vary considerably depending upon your objectives and the method employed.

The reason why Ericksonian hypnosis is so effective for losing weight is because

  • it bypasses a lot of the critical thinking filters,
  • it effectively reduces food cravings and
  • it’s more powerful in changing the way you feel about food than other kinds of hypnosis.

Ask yourself:

What is the number one reason why you had such a hard time to lose weight (and keep it off)?

The answer to this question is one that many people have a hard time finding. Why? Because there are so many theories and concepts and ideas about obesity and weight loss. There is so much information that it’s hard to figure out what’s true and what just “sounds good”, and what applies to your own life. There are literally thousands of different diets and programs, each one claiming to be better than the rest.

What would you feel like if you’d have the body you want?

Imagine for a moment that you are your future self, three or six months down the road, and you already have the body you want – you already have lost all those extra pounds. And you naturally enjoy eating foods that provide you with the energy, nourishment and comfort you need, without having to constantly control and restrict yourself.

How would you feel? Would you walk differently? Would you stand differently? Would you sit differently? Would other people treat you differently?

Many people who struggled for years or even decades with their weight are surprised about the changes in their life when they actually do lose the weight. Everything in life becomes easier and “lighter”. And that’s more than just a metaphor. They have more energy and other people will treat them with more respect, even though the person inside the body is still you.

Getting there is what’s hard – unless you use Ericksonian hypnosis. Why?

Because  it’s a pain to lose weight, but with hypnosis you will feel great.

hypnosis downloadDownload Ericksonian Hypnosis For Weight Loss


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