Overcome Pessimism

by Bob Walsh

How to overcome pessimism and start being optimistic? How do you overcome the negative mental thought patterns and instead start to think in ways that are more helpful in achieving the outcomes you want?

Pessimism is really like a drug. You can become addicted to the negative thoughts.

Change Your Self-Talk

Most self-help gurus advice you to practice positive self-talk. But that’s not really the best advice.

If you’re a pessimistic person, then you probably have a very critical inner dialogue. Maybe you say things to yourself like: “You’re such a stupid fool! You think you can pull that off? Yeah, right…”

You’d be surprised how rude most people talk to themselves.

So what’s the solution?

We already mentioned that just saying things like: “You can do it! You have it in you!” aren’t exactly the best thing to do.

What is the best thing then?

Interrogative self-talk. That means asking yourself questions, and then answering them in an optimistic manner.

At least that’s what science says.

How Do You Explain Misfortunes?

When something bad happened, how do you explain it? We human beings always give events some meanings, in a way, we are meaning-making machines.

Pessimists tend to reason that bad things happened because of them, whereas good things happened because of circumstances.

We’re not advising you to always think that you explain bad things away and deny responsibility for it. Quiet the contrary. Learn from mistakes, ask yourself what you’ll do differently next time, but also have confidence that this experience will equip you better for achieving your goal.

Turn Off The TV

If you want to avoid negative influences, one thing could be to just turn off the TV. Even the most optimistic person in the world would have a hard time thinking positive when watching the news.

I mean, how would you even do that? You’d probably have to invest money in stocks for weapons manufacturers, so that all the violence they show on TV makes you feel good about the upcoming increases in stock prices.

Or, if you watch TV, be very selective about it. Watch uplifting, inspiring, or – best of all – funny shows that make you laugh and fill your head with positive thoughts.

Reprogram Your Mind

Instead of trying to change the way you think by constantly correcting your thoughts, why not just reprogram your mind for success and happiness?

It might sound simple – but it really is, if you do it with discipline.

If you listen to the hypnosis downloads to overcome pessimism and negativity, your subconscious mind will alter the way it interprets the information it receives from your environment.

To get the best effect from this, listen to your audio hypnosis download before you go to sleep. It doesn’t matter whether you use headphones or not – as long as you can clearly understand the words the hypnotists speaks. If you fall asleep while the hypnosis is playing, that’s totally fine, especially because in these early stages of sleep your brain will still be processing the hypnotic suggestions to overcome pessimism.

Overcome Pessimism With Hypnosis

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