Why It’s So Difficult To Not Buy (And Eat) Junk Food That’s Bad For You

by Bob Walsh

As if making healthy eating choices isn’t already hard enough – supermarkets try to make it even harder by pretty much pulling out every psychological trick there is to make you buy unhealthy foods.

Supermarkets aren’t evil of course – they don’t want you to eat unhealthy foods. It’s just that unhealthy foods are the ones that have the highest profit margins. Listen to food expert Michael Pollan and about the lengths supermarkets go to in order to make you buy more of the less healthy foods:

Make Your Brain Want To Eat Healthier Foods With Hypnosis

Most highly processed foods are also highly profitable foods, whereas less processed foods are less profitable. Unfortunately, the more processed, the worse for your body in general.

How To Avoid Buying Junk Food

Most supermarkets are laid out so that the less processed foods are located at the perimeter of the supermarket. In the corners and along the walls. Whereas the highly processed (and highly profitable) foods are located in the center (where most people walk through).

So a simple trick is to just walk along the edges of the supermarket, instead of walking through the middle.

Make Your Mind Want Healthy Foods

Another reason why chosing healthy foods and avoiding junk foods is so difficult is that junk foods explore many of the “default settings” in our brain. Giant food manufacturers deliberately design every aspect of the foods they sell for maximum compellingness.

They actually employ researchers and do scientific experiments to make their products as enticing as possible. For example, potato chips are often processed in a way that gives them a more “crunchy” sound, because they found out that that makes people eat more chips. A lot of psychological engineering goes into making not just the packaging, but the food itself as compelling as possible, on every sensory level: not just taste and smell, but also touch and feel and looks.

All for the purpose of exploiting your brain’s default settings.

So here’s a neat little thing: you can adjust your brain’s default settings to the 21st century. Because the settings that served us well for much of human history aren’t optimal anymore in our modern, industrial environment.

It’s really not your fault if you’re buying (and eating) too much junk food. After all, corporations spend millions every year to trick you into doing it.

And it’s very difficult to resist them. Think about it, how many times have you thought to yourself: “I will eat less junk food!”

And then how many times were you munching away on some junk food just a couple of hours later?

The change that needs to happen to make it really easy for you to avoid buying junk food is on a subconscious level!

And that’s where hypnosis for healthy eating habits comes in (click here now).


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