How To Resist The Temptation To Eat Fat-Foods, Sweets & Junk-Food

by Bob Walsh

Do you want to get in better shape? If so, you’ve probably already tried a couple of things. But one of the most common problems people have when losing weight is: they simply fall for chocolate, chips, ice-cream, cake, cookies, or whatever your “sin food” of choice is.

There are some foods that give us great pleasure while we are eating them.

And it’s very hard to resist these foods when you imagine the delight these foods can give you.

think like a thin person

But why is it that some people somehow can resist it?

Why is it that some people can simply take one piece of chocolate – and that’s it, no more.

I’ll tell you what I did in the past: when I ate one piece of chocolate… I had to eat another piece of chocolate.

And another piece.

And another piece.

Until all the pieces were gone.

Because I thought…

The Way Fat People Think

Because, well… it tastes soooo good!

And after all, I need a little feel-good-energy boost right now, it’ll help me to accomplish this thing I need to do, and after all, I’ve already done this and that today, so I really should reward myself for it.

Plus, it’s better to eat the chocolate in one setting rather than spread out over a day, because the sugar is bad for my teeth, and exposing my teeth to it one time rather than repeatedly is much better.

And let’s not forget that chocolate tastes best when it’s fresh – an opened chocolate, well, we all know what stale chocolate tastes like, it would be a waste, wouldn’t it? Better to eat all of it in one setting, and then not eat for a couple of days, but really enjoy and cherish it fully this one time, rather than eating a piece here and there, but after the first piece already kind of regretting the stale taste.


Now when someone is thinking like that, it’s almost impossible to not eat it all. Whether it’s chocolate, or cake, or a pizza, a burger, whatever.

I was basically negotiating myself into doing something I already wanted to do.

Now the thing is: the better version of myself didn’t want to do that. The better version of myself wanted to be healthy, and make healthy food choices.

And resisting that kind of temptation is just too hard. It’s not about whether you are a strong person or not, or whether you have willpower or discipline. It’s about the way you think. And I needed to learn to…

Think Like Slim People

Slim people, they sometimes eat a piece of chocolate too.

But it doesn’t lead to a avalanche of chooocolaaaate! They can stop after one piece of chocolate. They can stop after one slice of pizza. That can stop after a handful of chips.


Because they think differently about that tempting food.

They don’t think about how eating it will make them feel now.

Instead, they think about how they would feel if they ate it after they’ve already eaten it.

They think about the regrets and remorse. They think about the heavy feeling in the stomach after a while. They think about the way they feel when they look in the mirror three months later and still look fat and out of shape.

And then they say: “Nope, one bite is enough.”

And instead eat something that’s more aligned with what they really want.

This really is the recipe to losing weight naturally and permanently. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require some elaborate diet scheme.

But even though it’s simple, it’s not easy.

Because when your mind has established this way of thinking about delicious foods, it’s turned into a mental habit. And habits are hard to change.

That’s why using self hypnosis to think like a thin person is so powerful. Because it can help you to overcome old thinking patterns and instead start to think slim. And then, making healthy eating choices that lead to you losing weight and feeling better is something that happens naturally, all by itself.

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