UK Man Reveals A Shortcut To Authorship

by Bob Walsh

Many people want to write a book – but few ever do. One reason is that most people don’t know how easy it actually is to become a published author with your own name on a real book.

The truth is – if you have written a book that passes the basic quality guidelines of the publishing industry, there is a way of getting published.

One part is simply being able to overcome rejection. Many best-selling books have been rejected by dozens of publishing houses only to become bestsellers that made their authors rich. If these authors would have given up and believed the publishers, these great books would never have found the great readership they did. And the authors might have ended up in a frustrating 9-to-5 job just to make ends meet.

The most common reason why people never publish their own book though is simply that they never write it.

And the reason for that is that people are intimidated by the blank page, the empty screen staring back at them when they open up a text editor.

It’s writer’s block.

Writer’s block is what keeps people people from putting words on paper, or on the screen.

The thoughts are stuck in your head, and you can’t get them out.

It’s a really bad case of mental constipation, and it hurts just as bed.

A lot of people have written a lot of stuff about overcoming writers block, but rather than reading all that stuff simply focus on the thing that works best to get rid of writer’s block.

Once you’ve got the words flowing, the next challenge is to actually be good at writing. Or more precisely: be good at editing.

Because the writing you produce when you write the first time is really just a draft.

Or, as famous writing coach Anne Lamott calls them: shitty first drafts.

There’s almost no writer who just writes good stuff. The first thing every author writes is almost always crap, rubbish that requires you to go back and edit mercilessly.

It’s the art of being a good writer.

What does a good writer focus on when he writes?

The words? The language? The grammar? The storyline? The plot? The idea?

Well, what is the ultimate purpose of your writing?

It’s about being read!

So you have to write for your readers.

That’s what a good writer does. You write for your readers. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph, every page and every chapter must have this purpose: to entertain and captivate your readers.

And who is this mysterious UK man who revealed a shortcut to authorship?

His name is Roger Elliott, and he has produced self hypnosis downloads that you can listen to that will help you to

hypnosis downloadovercome writers block

and then

hypnosis downloadbe a better writer.

In the end, it’s all about getting that book which is inside you out.

I promise you, it’s such a fulfilling feeling when you actually have a book published and people read it and enjoy it and you’ll get fanmail from people telling you how much they loved your book. Because people who read are people who write too – and apart from the financial aspects, that’s one of the most fulfilling things about being an author: the joy you give others through your written books.

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