Martial Arts Hypnosis Download For Higher Speed & Accuracy

by Bob Walsh

If you’re practicing martial arts you’re already well aware that a good part of it is not just about your muscles or your body – in order to achieve true mastery, you need to train your body and mind.

The Mental Side Of Martial Arts

How do you achieve maximum speed and absolute accuracy? It’s about perfect balance between body, mind and perception. And there is no quick fix to get that – it requires a lot of focused effort and disciplined training.

If you’re wondering what’s possible, look at this mind-boggling demonstration of speed and accuracy:

But training isn’t just about trying harder. It’s about trying smarter as well. And that’s where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis… Are You Serious?

Most martial artists never think about using hypnosis to improve their speed and accuracy. But those who do often experience rapid improvements of their skills.

hypnosis downloadMaximum Martial Arts Speed Hypnosis Download


It’s like pushing “fast forward” on your training – you’ll get better so much faster, because hypnosis helps to prime your mind. Most people who train seriously just want to get better – but with hypnosis, you can almost program your mind to get better. It’s probably the closest thing you can get to that scene in the old movie “Matrix”, where Neo downloads martial art skills into his brain.

Of course, we’re not living in a science fiction world, so it’s important that you approach this with realistic expectations. Nothing can replace regular training and self-discipline.

The way hypnosis helps you to accelerate your martial arts mastery is by making the purpose of your training very clear to your subconscious mind.

You will be able to increase your perception speed and your capacity of instant analysis.

A lot of it is also about explosive power development – how you can go from being totally relaxed and at ease to utilizing full force within the blink of an eye.

You’ll learn to reprogram your reflexes and instinctive reactions.

Your whole body will become more agile and “animal-like”. Your body will just “do what it does”, automatically. No more conscious thinking slowing you down. Just perception and appropriate reaction. That’s the power of this hypnosis download for improved speed and accuracy.

When you hit, you just hit. When you block, you just block. When you kick, you just kick. When you move, you just move. You don’t think about it anymore. Because thinking slows your actions down. You’re just in the moment. Faultless flow.

Isao Machii, the “modern samurai” that you saw in the above video, has been refining the interplay between body and mind all his life. You can’t go back in time and practice like he did. But you can use the time that you have now in the most effective way to learn at higher speed.

hypnosis downloadMaximum Martial Arts Speed Hypnosis Download

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