Negative Thoughts: Secrets To Dealing With Negative People

by Bob Walsh

Negative thoughts can drag you down and prevent you from living the good life you deserve. And one of the most common sources of negative thoughts are negative people.

So how do you deal with negative people?

negativity shield against negative people

An assassin? A little bit of arsenic mixed into that cup?

Tempting, but too many legal ramifications, even if you have a good lawyer.

Fortunately there are more elegant ways of dealing with negative people.

Divert The Conversation

When a negative person goes on a negative rant and goes into complaining mode, steer the conversation into another direction.

A lot of people try to advise a negative person to “think positive” or “stop being so negative”. But this hardly ever works. Instead, the negative person will perceive this as a challenge and will start defending their negative viewpoint, giving all kinds of reasons why they’re not really negative, but rather realistic, and why their complaints are justified.

So if you simply direct the conversation to something else – a movie, food, random gossip, you have a much better chance of actually stopping the negativity.

Think of it as a kind of verbal jujutsu. Here’s the formula:

  1. Acknowledge what they say.
  2. Start talking about something else.

So an example could look like this: “This is so terrible, these rich people can do whatever they want, and they’ll even poison us all just to get richer and more powerful. Look at what this company is doing.” – “That’s terrible. Reminds me of this funny movie I saw, where a rich guy got stuck inside this big safe in his mansion, and then…” Basically, you pick up the string of the conversation and then go off on a different tangent.

Use It As An Opportunity

Instead of letting a negative person fill your head with negative thoughts, use it as an opportunity for yourself. Think of it as sparring. You’re in a match – how you can use this situation to become a better, happier person?

How can you use this situation to learn something valuable about yourself? Experiment and try different approaches, especially things you’ve never tried before, to turn this negative situation around.

Make Up A Good Reason Why You Need To End The Conversation

When negative people try to dump their garbage on you, simply lie: “Sorry, I’m really busy, I got to go through my bills to figure out my expenses for last month, something doesn’t add up. Was good seeing, you, bye bye.”

That’s it. Simple.

Just End The Conversation

And sometimes, the right thing to do is to just say: “You know what, I don’t want to talk about this now, let’s end this conversation here and now. Bye.”



But honestly, sometimes it’s not worth cultivating a relationship with a person who just pulls you down all the time with their negativity.

And once you’ve gotten used to that kind of direct, no-bullshit talk, it’s actually liberating to speak like that.

After all, unless your life’s purpose is to be other people’s psychological garbage can, your time is to precious to squander on other people’s negativity.

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