Negativity vs. Gratitude

by Bob Walsh

When was the last time that you woke up in the morning, opened your eyes and just felt full of gratitude for your life?

If you’re like most people, this isn’t your current state of being.

But it really should be – for no particular reason at all.

It’s a choice you make about your state of mind. No, that didn’t came out right. It’s THE BEST choice you make about your state of mind.

A lot of people constantly carry some negativity inside them. And they allow this negativity to taint their thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Which is a pity, because life could really be so much more beautiful, wonderful and amazing, if all you did was get over this negativity, just leave it behind, and instead embrace a life full of positivity and practice gratitude.

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There are many things in this world we can’t change.

We can’t change the weather. We can’t stop the war. We can’theal the sick. We can’t bring the dead back to live, can’t hug lost ones just one more time.

We can’t change the way politics is done, or the way business works.

But what we can change is our own mind.

Because we are in charge of our own minds. Even though we tend to forget that in this frantic world we live in.

But really, you’re the boss of those 4 pounds of gelatinous mass inside your head.

Look up from your screen right now and ust be grateful. Be grateful for whatever it is that you have right now.

It’s an opportunity for you to live life fully, to live it with joy, to learn, to overcome challenges, to discover new pleasures, to find deeper meaning and a more sincere love.

It’s funny how worked up we get over the little things, and how we take the big things for granted.

Things like health, relationships, time.

Mental negativity can make everything seem mundane and meaningless.

So when you look around yourself, pick any particular thing you seee and express your gratitude for it.

Look at the sky and say: Thank you!

Look at houses and say: Thank you!

Look at trees and say: Thank you!

Look at pencils and say: Thank you!

Look at forks and say: Thank you!

If you think about it, it’s quiet amazing that you can use all these things. We’re living in amazing times, we have so many more opportunities than human beings did at any other time in history – yet, we hardly even scratch the surface ofmaking use of these opportunities. Instead, we often squander our time, because our negativity tainted minds tell us that it won’t work out anyway, it’s not worth it in the first place, it’s too much trouble, we’re not good enough, we’re not capable, whatever it is.

Overcoming negativity isn’t easy – but it’s worth the trouble.

That’s why this self hypnosis download to overcome negativity really is one of my favorites, because for so many people, it can so drastically and profoundly change their lives for the better.

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