The Natural Sugar In Fruits Is NOT Bad For You?

by Bob Walsh

It’s true that eating too much sugar can cause a lot of health problems - but all sugar is not created equal. For years and years, there is this kind of false pseudo-expertise claim that fruits contain fructose, and fructose is a sugar, and thus it’s bad.

But while from a chemical standpoint, sugars can seem identicalthey do behave differently in our bodies!

One of the reasons is because the fructose that naturally occurs in fruits (vs. in processed foods) has a different molecular shape, but we’re going to get to that in a minute.

Hey my friend. This article will basically tell you 2 things: Fruits are good for you (even if you have diabetes!). Processed sugars are bad for you. If you want to know about the details, read on. But if you want this information to have a positive impact in your life, then you should start eating more fruits and vegetables (and even for this you can use hypnosis!)

You know, medical doctors still advice people with diabetes not to eat fruits, or to limit their fruit intake, but this is based on old medical theories. New scientific research has shown that limiting fruit intake is not beneficial for your health.

Humans Need Carbohydrates For Energy

There are two kinds of carbohydrates:

  1. complex carbohydrates
    1. brown rice
    2. wheat
    3. quinoa
    4. etc.
  2. simple sugars
    1. lactose
    2. maltose
    3. fructose
    4. glucose

Now the old style thinking (the outdated and wrong thinking!) went along these lines: all simple sugars are identical in the body, because their chemical composition is the same. Now, I want to stress again that this is wrong.

What did they miss?

They missed that the simple sugars have different structural formulas, even though their chemical composition is identical.

And these structural differences cause them to behave differently in the body.

The fructose that naturally occurs in fruits has a molecular structure that is very easy for your body to handle, and your digestive system can metabolize it well.


Fructose in its natural form does not directly stimulate insulin production. (And this is different from other forms of simple sugars!).

Plus, because of the natural biomatrix which contains the fructose in fruits, your body digests the fructose more slowly. This is a very important fact to remember: Your body digests fructose in fruits slowly. 

Why does fructose in fruits gets absorbed more slowly?

Because it comes with lots of fiber, which slows the process down.

Rather than suddenly flooding your blood stream, like processed sugars, fructose in fruits enters your blood stream in a slow (and healthy) trickle.

Despite the widely spread claim, there has never been a study that proved that naturally occurring fructose in fruits has negative health effects.  In fact, people who have diabetes and who started to eat more fruits lost weight without any increase in their blood sugar levels.

Use hypnosis to eat more fruits and vegetables!

The best advice to follow in terms of sugar is:

eat as much fresh fruits as you want. The natural fructose in these fruits is good for you.

Eat as little processed sugar and starch as you can. It’s the processed sugars that cause the health problems associated with sugar.

Keep in mind that fruit juices that you buy in stores are mostly processed, and if you want to drink fruit juice, it’s best to make it fresh yourself.


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