12 Tips To Hypnotize Someone

The fastest & easiest way to hypnotize others is by doing the conversational hypnosis course (click the link).

Here are some good tips on how to hypnotize other people. These tips are aimed at hypnosis beginners, so they are not advanced hypnosis tactics – but they are good enough to help you out in many situations where you might struggle with hypnosis.

We all know the importance of hypnosis in achieving our goals. By using hypnosis successfully, we can enjoy peace of mind, good health, healthy finances, successful weight loss or any other goal we have set for ourselves.

But then the question arises: how does one go about using hypnosis successfully?

Well, here are some tips for successful hypnosis:

  1. The most important thing that every hypnotist should remember is that there is no good or bad subject. A subject is a person who is undergoing hypnosis. Whether it is possible to hypnotize a person or no will be decided by the fear experienced by the subject. Absence of fear will make it easy for a subject to enter into a stage of deep hypnosis. So always try to make the subject fearless prior to beginning hypnosis process.
  2. Begin hypnotizing a subject by using simple suggestibility tests such as “hand clasp test, falling backward, falling forward, arm catalepsy test,” etc. By using these tests, you will gain confidence that you can succeed in more sophisticated methods.
  3. Always ensure the subject is comfortable before you start the process of hypnotizing him. Any discomfort can make him lose concentration and disturb the process, thus ultimately causing failure.
  4. While hypnotizing, use terms like relax, and go deeper and deeper within relaxation. It will help in making the subject more relaxed.
  5. Avoid making negative suggestions to the subject like, “It is difficult to hypnotize you.” This will make him accept this negative statement and make the process of hypnosis harder. Rather motivate him by telling him, “You did a good job! Keep it up.”
  6. Make hypnotic suggestions very slowly. It will allow the suggestions to sink in the subconscious mind.
  7. Keep in mind that you cannot hypnotize all the people. Don’t blame them for it. Rather encourage him and tell him he can do better.
  8. It is important to start by using simple suggestions, and then use more sophisticated methods. By this method all the voluntary actions are eliminated and the process of hypnosis is sped up.
  9. In order to speed up the process of accepting the suggestions, first strengthen a mental suggestion followed by a physical action like mildly stroking the subject’s arm.
  10. Don’t tell the subject that you intend to hypnotize him. Instead use the method of gradual relaxation. Always keep a watch on the subject’s movements that will tell you when the subject has completely relaxed. Once he does not, you can start making him suggestion that will help him achieve his goal.
  11. For those persons who are unable to go into hypnosis easily, use positive affirmations like, “I can easily achieve the state of hypnosis.” This will remove the barrier he has towards getting hypnotized.
  12. The most important tip is you should have confidence in your ability to successfully hypnotize the subject. If you yourself don’t think you can succeed, you will not achieve the desired result. The afore-mentioned tips are commonly used by successful hypnotists in order to achieve the desired results. Follow them to the T and very soon you will find you will succeed in your venture.

The fastest & easiest way to hypnotize others is by doing the conversational hypnosis course (click the link).

4 thoughts on “12 Tips To Hypnotize Someone”

  1. tried my first hypnosis today, i used a relaxation induction script for my first time. I didnt know how to tell by looking at him if he was in trance, when i asked him to open his eyes and sit up he did, but then after that i didnt know what to say to continue with anything so how do I know if it worked or not? I lifted his wrist while he was relaxing and it was limp and fell easily. Was he in trance and I just screwed up by not having any suggestions prepared? or did I just completly screw it all up? Also, I know tone of voice has a lot to do with making him relax (soft, slow, etc) But how come stage-hypnotists speak loudly and sometimes very fast for the induction and it works? -From Beginner

  2. Hi Ashley,
    from what you say I’m pretty sure you succeeded in doing hypnosis with him. You see, hypnosis is not binary. It’s not like an on/off-switch. You’re not either in or out of hypnosis.
    Better think of it as a sliding scale. Don’t look at the person and wonder: is he hypnotized?
    Instead, look at the person and ask: where on a scale from 0 to 100 is that person? 0 being in a somnabulistic trance, 100 being fully alert and awake.
    Having said that, also look for the signs of hypnosis. Do you see any of this happening? If yes, then you have hypnotized the person successfully.
    Hypnotic regards,

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