Hypnotic Weight Loss Works Naturally

There’s an article about weightloss hypnosis in the Daily Mail. In it, a woman recounts how she struggled with losing some pounds and keeping slim.

‘I’ve always had a battle with my weight. Weight Watchers worked at first but over the years that I did it, I realised food had come to rule my life. If I overindulged, I’d panic, feel guilty and avoid the weekly weigh-in. Then the pounds would creep back on. I actually ended up heavier than when I started.

This is quiet common actually if you talk with people who were on any kind of diet program – including Weight Watchers. Yes, it works if you stick to it, but sticking to it takes so much of your life and you kind of have to become a “food control freak”.

[...]the hypnosis started. As I breathed slowly, she told me never to diet or weigh myself again, to eat smaller portions more slowly and really savour my food. I’m to delete the clutter from my mind that food has caused, not to eat for comfort or when stressed, to drink two litres of water a day and really embrace exercise. During the 25 minutes the session lasted I felt fully aware, although Susan explained that I’d been in a hypnotic state.[...]My portion sizes have halved and I eat slowly. When I feel full, I stop eating – a first! And one square of chocolate gives me the sweet kick I crave. I’ve started running and walk for 30 minutes every day. Although I don’t weigh myself, I know it’s working because my clothes are looser by about a dress size. Best of all, the diet-linked stress and anxiety has gone.

So many people put themselves under enormous when trying to lose weight that their diet efforts actually have the opposite effect.

With hypnosis, it helps you to relax and get a natural healthy attitude towards eating first – and then, losing weight and staying slim come almost automatic.

If you want to try it out, check out the weightloss hypnosis articles on this website.

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