Size 22 to 14 In 1 Month With Hypnosis

The Daily Mail recently had a story about a woman that lost weight with the help of hypnosis. She basically hypnotically imagined herself exercising while she slept. Sounds incredible? Read for yourself:

Suzie Gibbs had seen her weight balloon to 14st 7lb following years of avoiding the gym and a succession of failed diets.

After a chiropractor told her that she was risking a lifetime of back pain unless she lost weight, the mother of two allowed herself to be hypnotised into imagining she was exercising while she slept.

She says that within a month she had lost a stone. Since then she has lost a further two-and-a-half stones through the hypnotherapy and a new-found enthusiasm for exercise.

The transformation involved three hypnotherapy sessions where she had to visualise herself exercising and doing sit-ups.

She also listened to a hypnosis CD each night for a month. The ‘exercise in your sleep’ programme was so effective, she said, that her stomach muscles contracted as she slept and her metabolism sped up, meaning she burned off calories quicker.

The hypnosis also reprogrammed her mind into believing she loved exercise, leading to her become more active in her waking hours.

I think this is a major point here – hypnosis helped her to believe that she loved exercise! It can be a very powerful tool in belief changing, and the beliefs that we hold about ourselves determine to a large extend who we are and what we’re capable of.

It’s quiet funny that the article also mentions that Miss Gibbs herself found the whole thing a bit weird, but simply tried it because she was so desperate. Hypnosis worked even though she did not fully believe in it!

If you’re interested, try weight loss hypnosis yourself!

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